Round Shape Sycees catalog

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Listed below are round shape sycees from ancient China for sale

(Click on the picture to see enlarged view and views from other angles. Picture shows the actual item for sale.)

Item ref: SYRD11.4
Item name: Round Shape 1 taels Sycee

Price: Sold

Dimension: 27mm x 11mm

Weight: 34 gms

Inscription: "Chang Jiu" (ever lasting), "Heng Tai Zhang" (name of silver smith)
Item ref: SYRD12.2
Item name: Qing Dynasty Round Shape Sycee

Price: Sold

Dimension: 48mm x 22mm

Weight: 180 gms

Remarks: Inscription: Xi An Shou, Yong Xing Qing. (Xian Prefecture. Casted by smith Yong Xingqing."
Item ref: SYRD13.2
Item name: Qing Dynasty 5 Taels Round Shape Sycee

Price: Sold

Dimension: 45mm x 36mm x 19mm

Weight: 188 gms

Remarks: Shaanxi Province. "Bai He Li Ju" (Bai He county)

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