Other Shapes Sycee catalog

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Listed below are other shapes sycee from ancient China for sale.

(Click on the picture to see enlarged view and views from other angles. Picture shows the actual item for sale.)

Item ref: SYOR11.6
Item name: Qing Dynasty Square shape Sycee

Price: Sold

Dimension: 40 mm x 34 mm x 23 mm

Weight: 219 gms

Inscription: Da Ji Shi
Item ref: SYOR12.6
Item name: Qing Dynasty 1 tael Cake Sycee
Price: Sold
Dimension: 42 mm diameter, 3 mm thick
Weight: 34 gms
Remarks: Yunnan province
Item ref: SYOR13.9
Item name: Qing Dynasty tablet Sycee
Price: Sold
Dimension: 36 mm(l) x 33 mm(w) x 17 mm (t)
Weight: 124 gms
Remarks: Yunnan province. Inscriptions "Bai Yan Jin Ke"
Item ref: SYOR14.5
Item name: Qing Dynasty 2 tael tablet Sycee
Price: Sold
Dimension: 42 mm(l) x 37 mm(w) x 21 mm (t)
Weight: 144 gms
Remarks: Inscriptions "Xian Feng Jiu Nien" 9th year of Xian Feng reign
Item ref: SYOR15.3
Item name: Qing Dynasty 5 taels Waisted Ingot Sycee
Price: Sold
Dimension: 47 mm(l) x 34 mm(w) x 20 mm (t)
Weight: 182 gms
Remarks: Inscriptions "Jin Tai Yin Hao" (Casted by "Jin Tai" Bank). Additional inscription: "Jia Yang"
Item ref: SYOR16
Item name: Slab shape sycee
Dimension: 47 mm(l) x 32 mm(w) x 11 mm (t)
Weight: 100 gms
Remarks: 3 stamps: "Bao Yi Hao"

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