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Listed below are links to ancient Chinese coins catalogs from the Qing Dynasty (AD 1644 - 1911) for sale

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Qing Reign title/Period Qing Reign title/Period
1) Shunzhi coins (AD 1644 - 1661)

2) Kangxi coins (AD 162 - 1722)

3) Yongzheng coins (AD 1723 - 1735)

4) Qianlong coins (AD 1736 - 1795)

5) Jiaqing coins (AD 1796 - 1820)

6) Daoguang coins (AD 1821 - 1850)

7) Xianfeng coins (AD 1851 - 1861)

8)Tongzhi coins (AD 1862 - 1874)

9)Guangxu coins (AD 1875 - 1908)

10)Xuantong & Republican coins (AD 1908 - 1911)

11)Taiping Rebels coins (AD 1851 - 1864)

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Ancient Chinese coins: A brief history of Qing coins (or Ching coins)

The Manchus, lead by Nurhachi, becamoe victorious over China not because of their military might but due to internal disorder and decay of the country under the Mings. Nurhachi established the Qing ( or Ching, meaning pure) Dynasty in AD 1644. It lasted till AD 1911 when it became a republic as a result of a revolution lead by Dr Sun Yat Sen. (or Dr Sun Zhong Shan)

Nurhachi adopted the reign title of Shunzhi. Prior to ascending the imperial throne of China as the first Qing emperor, he minted the Abkai Fulingga Han Jiha coin (Imperial coin of the Heavenly Mandate). An intersting feature of the Qing coin is the use of Chinese script on one face of the coin and the use of Manchu script on the other.

Among the Manchu emperors, only 3 prove themselves to be capable rulers and administrators. These rulers were Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong. When Qianlong abdicated in AD 1795 in favour of his 15th son, Jiaqing, the dynasty was beset by political, social and economic problems. This coupled with the rising influence and power of the Western powers caused the downfall of the last imperial regime of China.