Ancient Chinese coins catalog - Han Dynasty coins

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Listed below are ancient Chinese coins from the Han Dynasty (BC 206 - AD 220) for sale

(Click on the picture to see enlarged view and views from other angles. Picture shows the actual item for sale.)
Item ref: HAN11.20
Item name: Wu Zhu
Price: US$4
Dimension: N/A
Weight: N/A
Remarks: S114, In circulation for over 7 centuries. Earliest use dates back to 118BC.
Item ref: HAN12.3
Item name: Li Di Wu Zhu
Price: US$ 50
Dimension: N/A
Remarks: S179, Eastern Han in 186 AD, 4 rays on reverse
Item ref: HAN13.11
Item name: Elm Leaf Ban Liang
Price: US$ 12
Dimension: 12.5mm
Weight: 0.5gm
Remarks: S86, Excellent condition. Quantity available
Item ref: HAN14.13
Item name: Ban Liang - 4 zhu
Price: US$ 3
Dimension: N/A
Weight: N/A
Remarks: S93
Item ref: HAN15.11
Item name: Ban Liang - 8 zhu
Price: US$ 4
Dimension: N/A
Weight: N/A
Remarks: S89
Item ref: HAN16
Item name: San zhu
Price: Sold
Dimension: N/A
Weight: N/A

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Ancient Chinese coins: A brief history of Han coins

The Han Dynasty elm leaf Ban Liang was minted as a replacement of the Qin Ban Liang. The Qin coin was considered too heavy by the Han Emperor Gao Zhu. The Han coin, elm leaf Ban Liang is distinct for its small size and light weight. The Han Wu Zhu coin, commissioned during the reign of Han Wu Ti became the longest circulated coin in Chinese numismatic history, lasting about 739 years till its withdrawal during the Siu and Tang Dynasty.