Buddhist and Chinese Deities sales catalog- pg 1

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Item Name: Taoist Deity (pertaining to the God of Wealth)

Item number: BAO11

Origin: China, Qing Dynasty (AD 1644 - 1911)

Price: US$ 280

Dimension: approximately 28.5 cm (height)


Materials: Wood

Remarks: Lacquered in red. Shown here holding a staff in his right hand ready to strike. Left hand is holding a gold ingot.(There is a slight crack at the base due to age)

Item Description: Na Zha (3rd Prince)

Item number: BA0023.2

Origin: China, Republican period (AD 1912 - 1948)

Price: US$ 500

Dimension: approximately 40 cm (height)

Weight: approximately 1225 gms

Materials: Wood


Item Name: Li Tie Guai

Item number: BAO13

Origin: China, Republican period (AD 1912 - 1948)

Price: US$ 95

Dimension: approximately 19 cm (height)

Weight: approximately 400 gms

Materials: Wood


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